Consulting by David E. Wile of the Iago GroupIf Why Doers Do opens your thinking to the need to improve human performance in your organization, then help is available. The author, David Wile, as part of The Iago Group, can work with you to help your performers to reach their potential following a methodical, measurable approach.

Whether you’d like the author to speak to your organization, to provide training and coaching for your managers to transform into human performance technologists, or to have The Iago Group take on an end-to-end performance improvement project on your behalf, we are here for you.

The Iago Group adheres to a systematic approach to measurably improve human performance:

  1. Identify Performers, Desired Performance & Key Metrics
  2. Articulate Behaviors Critical for Desired Performance
  3. Apply the E-T Model to Conduct a Performance Gap Analysis
  4. Calculate ROI on Possible Solutions and Implement

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