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In Why Doers Do, Wile is spot on in identifying a shared responsibility between employees and organizations for improving employee performance. The use of a storyline as we follow the fictional Luke developing his human performance model is a great tool to help readers grasp the context of Wile’s concepts. The key questions management should ask, provided at the end of each chapter, are the cornerstone of a best-in-class human performance management program.

Bill Brown, CIO and SVP of IT/SaaS Operations at Veracode, former CIO at Iron Mountain and Avid Technology, 2010 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader


David Wile’s Why Doers Do offers the reader a creative and compelling look at not just why doers do but how. By using the Nine Elements of Human Performance, leaders can create a more “doing” culture in their teams. This book will help any leader inspire more initiative, enhance engagement, and get ‘er done.

Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer, culture expert and author of The Dog Poop Initiative and The Cookie Thief


Why Doers Do is a great book if you’re constantly pondering the question of why results are different in your organization, especially in a service-based operation. Its focus on the basics of “What’s In It For Me” or WIIFM is something so basic, but often overlooked. Wile does an outstanding job weaving the story of Luke’s life into the everyday details of the work environment. Why Doers Do is right up there with the The One Minute Manager and The Goal.

Steve Wrenn, former SVP Enterprise IT at CVS Caremark and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire Whittemore School of Business


David Wile’s mixture of new concepts and real-life application (through the character Luke) makes this a fast, interesting and memorable read. The end-of-chapter checklists make Why Doers Do real and usable. The Externality-Tangibility Model is a beautiful expansion of the input-process-output model. Wile provides a positive foundation from which leadership begins:  “there are no bad people.” Starting there, consider your surroundings and guide people to produce results they never thought possible. There actually is a glass… and it is half full!

– Andrea Yager, CIO at Testo AG, former AVP at Deutsche Bank


Answering an age-old and complex question, David E. Wile’s new book is refreshingly practical and accessible. Through a clear and all-encompassing framework of the key elements that determine optimal human performance, Why Doers Do gives the time-pressed manager questions, structure, and how-to guidance for helping employees achieve their best. Wile combines solid scholarship with a well-woven human interest story.

– Bob Gough, Ph.D., Managing Director, G-enovation, Inc., former Economics Editor, WBZ-TV Boston, former senior consultant, Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK, & Japanese External Trade Organization